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Aster Pharmacy is Going Around Distributing FREE Boxes Of Face Masks To Dubai Residents

Oct 17, 2020

Face masks are the need of the hour & the good folk at Aster Pharmacy Dubai are going around town distributing FREE protective face masks to Dubai residents as a part of the newly launched campaign.


Starting Saturday, October 17 Aster is going door to door & surprising Dubai peeps with a free box!


We've already covered multiple residential buildings in Al Nahda, Dubai and will slowly be making our way to you (hopefully).

And if you ain’t home, then you probz might find one of these packets hanging outside your door as a sweet welcome home surprise, but watch out for your sleazy neighbour.


This is Aster’s way of ensuring customers are safe and well protected this pandemic! 


Also, we’ve added a lil reminder with the box saying that Aster Pharmacy does free home deliveries for its products, and have added our toll free number which is 800-700-600 for peeps to ring up with questions.