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Franchisee Evaluation

Privacy Policy: All information provided is kept confidential & will not be disclosed except for purposes of verification.

Primary Contact Information

Applicant's Franchise Plan

The Management Team

Give A Complete Record of your Position, Contact Information, & Responsibilities within the Organization.

Applicant's Financials

In submitting the foregoing application & statement, the undersigned guarantees its accuracy with the intent that it be relied upon in granting a franchise to the undersigned & warrants that he/she has not knowingly withheld any information that might affect his/her credit risk, & the undersigned expressly agrees to notify Franchisor immediately in writing of any material change in his/her financial & in the absence of such written notice, it is expressly agreed that Franchisor in granting a franchise or credit may rely on this statement as having the same force & effect.

The undersigned consents & authorizes Franchisor to conduct a background check which may include investigation credit history. All information derived from the above shall be kept confidential & be used by Franchisor for internal evaluation purposes only.

The undersigned certifies that each part of the application & financial statements hereof & the information inserted herein has been carefully read & is true & correct.